Executive leaders today are called to do more than run the business. They need to chart a course for growth and secure the sponsorship and ongoing involvement of stakeholders, from the CEO and board of directors to line of business heads.

Executive leaders and communications teams know that it’s not just about creating business value – it’s about communicating it in a way that key stakeholders – from the board of directors and CEO to lines of business and employees – will understand.


Global enterprises operate in dynamic marketplaces and face increasing information risks. With constant cyber attacks, companies have to harden their defenses, empower the business to balance risk and reward, empower each employee to be a risk defender and create a true risk culture.

When global enterprises roll out new products and services, their marketing is often treated as a bespoke process. But launches treated like fire drills and inconsistent messages can cause adoption fatigue among users. As a consequence, companies fail to achieve targeted ROI.


Communications teams can help IT prove their value to lines of business, but have to evolve their maturity, become proactive, and standardize processes – to move faster – and meet the demands of CIOs/CROs.


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Learn how to harness the power of internal marketing and communications to communicate with the business in a way that resonates with them, demonstrates alignment with strategic priorities, and provides value that goes above and beyond.